Improve your balance with GRAVITY

Poor balance can be caused by loss of muscle strength, flexibility, bone density and hearing. While anyone can suffer from these symptoms, studies show that they become more apparent with age and the older we get, the more our balance can decline.

We discussed in our last blog how pain from old injuries can be stored in the brain as fear and then fear is triggered by anything that our brain tells us could cause re-injury. Many older people rely on a walking stick or frame to assist with their balance when walking for fear of falling. Most of the time this fear has developed due to a previous fall and subsequent injury.

So, other than not wanting to fall, or injury prevention in general, are there other reasons to improve our balance?

Improved cognitive benefits
Good balance has been proven to improve cognitive skills. As balance is connected to the brain, poor balance has been shown to reflect poorly on the brain as a whole, resulting in lower cognitive scores. By improving your balance, you could see improvements in memory and suffer less confusion.

Performance enhancement
Improved balance can lead to better coordination and an increase in your body’s ability to control itself when performing tasks. From walking along the street without a stick, to performing in a sports game, you will notice your reaction times and movements are quicker.

Improved posture and less pain
When working on balance, you challenge muscle groups to work in a way they may not have done before. By using muscles together, you can improve posture which can lead to various health benefits including reduced back and neck pain.

From a previous study linked to gait analysis and the role of GRAVITY, we know that continuous GRAVITY sessions can even out weight distribution. This means that using GRAVITY can help you to stand straighter and more evenly balanced.

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