Frequently Asked Questions

Can we fix every single person with GRAVITY? That is not a fact and not the truth. The truth is, we will do our very best to fix as many as we can. We’re realists, and we understand that we’re not here to sell you this wonderful cacophony of smiling happy people. We’re trying to say “if you haven’t tried this, you might be missing out”.

GRAVITY can be used anywhere, anytime! Many customers use the device in the morning to prepare for the day ahead. There are also those who prefer to relax on GRAVITY at the end of the day to release any stress which has built up and to promote restful sleep. Customers also use GRAVITY before or after exercise, you may even see people relaxing on GRAVITY in a train station or airport before or after travelling.

GRAVITY needs to be used on a firm base, so a carpeted floor is ideal, but you could lie on a yoga mat, the beach, grass, or a therapy table if you have one. A bed is usually too soft for GRAVITY to be effective. However, if you find getting down to floor level difficult you could use a plastic or wooden board on your bed to create a firmer surface.

On average, we recommend a session of 20 minutes as this is a good amount of time to unwind and relax. Some users feel they need to build up to 20 minutes during their first few sessions and this is completely normal as it is a lot for your body to adjust to. There is no maximum length of time for GRAVITY. If you are particularly tense, the longer the session the better!

GRAVITY is a one-size-fits-all system to ensure that everyone can benefit from this powerful device. Depending on your size and preference for impact, you may wish to play around with the keystone and use the side which most suits you. Check out the different options here

The key to using GRAVITY is to relax. The sacrum and pelvis are incredibly sensitive areas, so it is not unusual for the keystone to feel slightly uncomfortable during the first few sessions. If either piece feels uncomfortable throughout a session, make small adjustments to find the perfect position for you. If you are finding GRAVITY painful, stop for this session. If the pain persists, please contact our medical team. Contact us

To check if you are using GRAVITY correctly, see our how to use page.

Any Children over 13 years old and taller than 4ft 6” who are generally active and with no long-term health issues should be able to use the GRAVITY system. However, if you have any reason for concern please contact our medical team. Contact us

To fully benefit from the effects of the GRAVITY device, you should use both the keystone and the cradle at the same time. The two GRAVITY pieces will not give the same results in terms of repair and relaxation unless used together in the standard way.

Calcium tissue deposits are what cause pain for those suffering with Fibromyalgia, as this solidifying of calcium irritates your nerves and creates pain within your muscles. GRAVITY can be very beneficial as it relaxes your muscles and in turn releases built up tension, thereby relieving pain.

Dr Shane is currently working closely with a number of Parkinson’s patients and we have ongoing studies into the effect of the GRAVITY system on those patients. We are delighted so far with the results as many customers talk of improved balance. With this in mind, a Parkinson’s patient could well help their balance and improve kinetic control with regular GRAVITY sessions, which could also improve their rest and muscular fatigue.

The incidence of a prolapsed disc, a slipped disc or even a ruptured disc can of course be your source of pain, but it is important that this is agreed on by your doctor with an X-Ray or MRI. Tense muscles, dehydrated muscles, spasm in soft tissue and irritation caused by trigger points due to other factors must all be investigated first.

If however a slipped or prolapsed disc has been properly diagnosed by your doctor, GRAVITY can be very effective in relieving pain as it continues to keep you completely relaxed and educates your body back to its proper, relaxed and better postured state.

Scoliosis is a bending of the spine. Lying on GRAVITY can help return the body to a neutral position and sustain it. Severe congenital scoliosis is something that you should discuss with your specialist. Watch our video for more information. 

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