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Watch inventor Dr Shane Murnaghan talk about his GRAVITY journey

Doctor of Chinese Medicine Shane Murnaghan is the inventor of the GRAVITY device.

Shane has 25 years experience of clinical practice, spinal issues, and the effects of pain. His extensive research and understanding is supplemented by his own practical knowledge as a multi-black belted ninjutsu bujinkan martial artist.

After being struck by a car, he was left with a broken back and suffering from chronic pain. Using his knowledge of the human body and how it moves, he created the GRAVITY system which he credits for his recovery. He introduced the device to many of his patients and saw the same amazing results with a wide range of conditions.


Today, the GRAVITYLife team work to reduce the number of back pain sufferers by educating as many people as possible on how to get out of pain in a safe, drug free way with the use of GRAVITY. The device is now widely used and recommended by GP’s, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Bowen Therapists and many more medical professionals.

The GRAVITYLife team includes aftercare support and medical professionals who are on hand to offer continued information and advice to ensure you get the most out of your GRAVITY. Contact us today

What does using GRAVITY do to the body?

GRAVITY  raises and supports the pelvis with the keystone, and the neck and head with the neck cradle.

The surface of variable height spheres aids decompression in these two areas of the spine. It releases tension in the surrounding muscles and relieves pressure around the nerve roots and vertebral discs.  The weight of the pelvis either side of the sacrum, when balanced on the keystone, releases tension in both anterior and posterior pelvic muscles. The neck cradle decompresses tension in the neck and related shoulder muscles, in turn relaxing tightness across the front of the chest, allowing the shoulders to open up.


Pussycat Doll and dance expert Kimberley Wyatt's passion for GRAVITY

GRAVITYLife is delighted to announce Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt as ambassador for GRAVITY

Healthy living role model and former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt has joined the GRAVITY Life family. Kimberley’s passion for health and wellbeing led her to set up a dance academy, promoting confidence in young people. The working mother of two believes GRAVITY is a great tool to support general health, wellbeing and posture, especially in today’s age of technology and social media affecting how active people are.


GRAVITYLife was honoured to be awarded The Hong Kong LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Award for Best Health and Wellness Product 2018. The LOHAS expo is the leading trade expo for Organic, Health and Green Living products.

GRAVITYLife is the winner of the NAIDEX Professional Award 2018 for “Making an immeasurable contribution toward the healthcare profession, both now and into the future.” Naidex is an annual event bringing together forward-thinking consumers and industry leading healthcare professionals. Each year the NAIDEX award recognises products and services which improve the healthcare sector and we were delighted to win!

GRAVITY device inventor, Dr Shane Murnaghan has been shortlisted for the ‘Innovation in Healthcare’ category at The Zenith Global Healthcare Professionals Awards. Zenith Global Healthcare announced the nomination explaining that Shane’s contribution to healthcare beyond the call of duty to ensure delivery and sustenance of quality care for patients locally and globally has been recognised by many.”

Working With the Professionals

We work with some amazing professionals around the world, supporting them in the work that they do. This includes everything from providing GRAVITY devices to ambulance services to keep their paramedics front-line ready, to providing training and devices to the Royal Air Force.

We also have close relationships with therapists and clinicians from a huge range of disciplines, some of whom are GRAVITY vendors.

If you are interested in becoming a GRAVITY vendor and would like to hear about our distribution opportunities, please contact us for further information.

South East Coast Ambulance Service - NHS Foundation Trust
Blue Light Card Association
College of Bowen Studies
Rugby League Ireland
University College Dublin - School of Medicine and Medical Science
Institute of Natural Medicine Ireland
Police Federation
Fire Brigades Union