Set yourself free from back pain.



Set yourself free from back pain. Naturally.


The award winning device to relieve back pain, assist with recovery and promote proper relaxation.

Is back pain ruining your life? Back pain is not only debilitating, it can literally take away the pleasure of life, stopping you doing the things you love, preventing you from playing with your children or grandchildren and keeping you off work. Getting through the day is exhausting. Waiting for the pain to get better is overwhelming.

Recommended by physiotherapists and doctors alike, Gravity Life is a pioneering, two-part home pain management device that restores quality of life. No prescription drugs, no invasive treatments or procedures, just an easy-to-use system that has produced incredible results, time after time.

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What does Gravity Life do?

With the first part of the device, the cradle, under your neck and the other, the keystone, under your lower back, Gravity Life’s bubble-like spheres shape perfectly to your spine. This then stimulates your soft tissue and relaxes muscles, allowing Gravity to act as a self-massaging tool, using your own bodyweight and gravity to target pain at its very source.

How does Gravity Life do it?

Gravity Life triggers decompression and relaxation of tight muscles primarily of the neck, spine and pelvis regions. This reduces tension throughout the body to decrease pain, allowing the body to reposition.
Affected areas are reset by working with the central nervous system. As a result, Gravity Life blocks pain signals to the brain and affected areas can now heal naturally. Crucially, it works quickly and you don’t need to see a therapist or medical professional before use.

Simple and easy to use as an indispensable part of a ‘feel good’ body maintenance
routine or to support a targeted physiotherapy programme.

Get the system which health and wellness practitioners recommend their clients use at home between treatments

NOW £79.99

  • Gravity Cradle & Keystone
  • Carry Case
  • Free 21 Day Relaxation Programme
  • Detailed User Guide
  • Aftercare Support

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